A comprehensive range of options that harness natural daylight has been introduced by one of the UK's leading natural ventilation companies, Passivent.

The company is marketing the range of Sunscoop tubular rooflights, Metro modular rooflights and domes, and Litevent Airstract combined rooflight/ventilator, to complement its established, sustainable range of natural ventilation solutions for commercial and public buildings.

Explains Wayne Aston, Technical Manager- Passivent Commercial, "There is an obvious synergy between natural ventilation and natural daylight, so it is logical for us to add daylighting solutions to our range, as an additional tool to help specifiers significantly reduce energy consumption and the building's carbon footprint, using a source they already know and trust. Both our natural ventilation and daylighting solutions are accepted means of achieving BREEAM and NEAT* credits.

"As examples, independent testing has shown a single 250mm diameter Sunscoop with 2.5m tubing gives more than four times the amount of light of a single 60W bulb on a bright day with direct sunlight, without any of the energy consumption or heat generation, whilst our Litevent Airstract can provide up to almost 1m2 of daylight AND over 0.6m2 ventilation in one unit, helping ensure the space below is both aired and lit with no electrical consumption!"

Passivent's Sunscoop tubular rooflight is available both with a raised glazed dome, and in-plane, reflecting natural daylight above a pitched roof through a ceiling void into a room below.

The Metro range of rooflights incorporates Metrolite and Metrodome. Metrolite is claimed to be one of the most advanced modular rooflights on the market, with its combination of high daylight values, controlled ventilation, thermal efficiency and aesthetics. Both Metrolite and Metrodome yield up to 90+% light transmission and include as standard up to 4000mm2 adjustable ventilation.

Litevent Airstract provides up to 92% light transmission and 0.66m2 ventilation area as standard; Passivent advises on appropriate unit size depending on volume of air movement required, external conditions and internal temperatures.

To fully explain the range of natural daylighting options available, Passivent has produced a guide, 'Natural Daylight Solutions'. Copies are available on request or can be downloaded on the company's website

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