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Now in the app store: The free nora app with a host of useful functions

nora systems is the first manufacturer of resilient floor coverings to launch its own app for iPads and iPhones. Easy and intuitive to use, it offers a quick overview of the product range, areas of application and first-rate references, as well as technical data.


This app should offer great advantages for architects and designers as it gives a complete product and colour overview with useful search and filter options. For example, if a certain colour is required in a particular room, the user can simply click the colour group in a bar at the bottom of the iPad screen and is immediately shown a selection of different products that are available in this colour spectrum. The user can also search specifically for special properties of rubber floor coverings such as electrostatic dissipation or slip resistance, or for individual areas of application.


We have also included a selection of key reference projects so that users can graphically experience the spatial effect of a certain floor covering in the building. New reference projects are being regularly integrated into the app, which keeps this tool up to date.


Easy and comfortable navigation

The navigation within the nora app is really simple and easy to use. The product details for a floor covering can be accessed directly from a reference view by clicking an info button. The user can then send an e-mail with this page as well as all the other information in the nora app. Videos with instructions and tips for installers are also integrated into the app.


The nora app is available now free of charge in the app store. As the global provider of rubber floor coverings, nora systems offers its app in eleven languages.

Discover it now!

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