NIBE Energy Systems Ltd., one of the country’s leading suppliers of renewable energy products, recently introduced to the UK market the F205, an integrated system designed for apartments and small houses that converts the heat in the exhaust air into energy for central heating and domestic hot water supply. The F205 package consists of the newly designed heat pump that compresses the exhaust air to maximise energy extraction, a super-efficient, double-jacket, stainless steel hot water cylinder to store the energy received and distribute it for heating and hot water, and a slimline room controller programmable for room temperature and fan control. The package comes complete with central heating pump, heating pressure vessel and filling loop and the hot water tank contains a 3kW immersion heater for the odd occasion when peak hot water demand may exceed the energy generated.

Exhaust Air Recovery is a system underused in UK but extremely popular in such countries as Sweden, where the NIBE equipment is designed and manufactured. Utilising the warmed air in the house that is usually discharged into the outside atmosphere in the normal process of ventilation, the heat pump squeezes optimum energy from it. The energy is fed as heat to the hot water system, while the recycled exhaust air is eventually discharged outside at a temperature near zero. The attraction of the system is obvious. Every time the central heating clicks in and every time you have a shower or wash the dishes, you are creating fresh energy to replace what you are using!

The NIBE F205 is ideally suited to smaller domestic units, effectively supplying the vast majority of hot water needs. The newly designed heat pump requires a surprisingly low input of electricity and the components of the system are designed good appearance as well as thermal efficiency. The heat pump unit itself is slim and streamlined, fitting easily into kitchen or utility room.

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