New Monodraught X-Air Makes An Impact At Deeplish Primary School

Pupils at Deeplish Primary School have benefitted from a brand new £2.9 million building following a decision to construct a new school rather than remodel the existing one. The 2-storey building accommodates 420 children in 14 classrooms with a multi-purpose hall and a number of stores and offices.

Impact Partnership, a strategic joint venture between Rochdale Borough Council and consulting and business services group Mouchel, designed a newbuild option that provided better value for money than a remodelling approach while improving the use of space, the flow of the school and its future learning requirements. The new building also significantly improves life cycle costs, sustainability and energy efficiencies helped by a natural ventilation strategy based on Monodraught’s new WINDCATCHER® X-AIR natural ventilation systems.

Commenting on the choice of natural ventilation and the new Monodraught systems, Impact Partnership’s Vince Pool says natural ventilation was a natural choice rather than air conditioning in order to achieve the required BREEAM rating.

“We looked at a number of stack systems and specified Monodraught as there were design and performance advantages with its systems.” He says. “We initially looked at WINDCATCHERS, but were then introduced to the new X-AIR natural ventilation systems which, while they were attractively styled and offered similar performance, also provided a cost advantage.”

Monodraught's new WINDCATCHER X-AIR, the next generation of natural ventilation systems, features many innovations and patented technologies, including distinctive styling and LED architectural lighting.

Twenty-one WINDCATCHER X-AIR units are providing natural ventilation to eight first floor classrooms, and on the ground floor to five further classrooms, reception, the main hall, a multi-purpose hall and a nursery classroom. Fresh air from the roof-mounted X-AIR systems is ducted to areas located on the ground floor. A number of additional Monodraught systems are also fitted, including five SOLA-VENT®, which incorporate a Monodraught SUNPIPE®, a solar powered extract fan and two fluorescent downlighters in the first floor toilets; one SOLA-BOOST® for the first floor cleaning store and a single SUNCATCHER® is installed in the changing room.

Monodraught worked with Impact Partnership and mechanical engineers to develop the comprehensive natural ventilation strategy, which is controlled by five Monodraught iNVent controllers linked to the new building’s BMS system.

WINDCATCHER, SOLA-VENT, SOLA-BOOST, SUNPIPE and SUNCATCHER are registered trademarks owned by Monodraught Limited.

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