New Mighton kit helps joiners get SBD with own-design windows

Sash hardware specialist Mighton Products has launched the Securibead and SBD Kit, successfully tested to BS: 7950. Joiners can use this kit with windows of their own design to achieve Secured by Design (SBD) certification. The kit includes a reinforced parting bead, Securifitch fasteners, Ventlocks (to fix the window opening) plus cill locks and guards for the rails.

“The parting bead is the most vulnerable areas of any sash window: simply pop this out with a chisel and a screwdriver and you’re in,” explains Mike Derham, Managing Director of Mighton. “The meeting rail, and the bottom rail of the lower sash are also vulnerable areas – but the Securibead & SBD Kit offers a cost-effective and secure solution.”

An SBD certificate can help joiners stand out, and is a valuable sales tool. “Homeowners and housebuilders alike are increasingly concerned about security, and not without cause,” observes Mike Derham. “Recently released Home Office statistics showed a 4% rise in burglaries in July-September last year compared with the same period in 2007, and a 7% increase on break-ins between the previous three months. It signals burglary was growing at an increasing rate just as the economy went in to a downturn. Initiatives like Secured By Design can really make a difference – that’s why Mighton helps guide joiners through the registration process.”

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