New Mercedes-Benz Showroom in Blackpool Complete with Rockfon Pacific Ceiling

The Mercedes-Benz retail outlet in Blackpool underwent a six-month extension and refurbishment programme and at the end of 2006 a stunning new retail environment was unveiled. Mirage (Ceilings & Partitioning) Ltd installed Rockfon’s Pacific stone wool semi concealed (E15) ceiling system throughout.

The new Mercedes-Benz of Blackpool was redesigned, using state of the art technology, to be the perfect place to showcase its prestigious range of cars. The new facilities included an impressively re-styled showroom featuring a comfortable customer reception, a new sales area for the iconic smart brand and a used car area expanded to showcase 50 cars at a time.

In the showroom aesthetics, light reflection and noise control was an incredibly important consideration to ensure that the cars were shown in the best light, so the ceiling installed had to help create optimum conditions for car sales. As such it had to have a good performance and also be aesthetically pleasing. In addition there had to be acoustic control, ensuring noise is always kept to a minimum and a calm sales environment is created.

Rockfon Pacific is well known for its good aesthetics, and particularly its ease of installation. Pacific has a light reflection of 83%, and diffuses light in an optimum way to make spaces bright and inviting to enter. Pacific is made from Rockwool stone wool (resin bonded mineral wool) which does not burn and can withstand more than 1000˚C for longer than 120 minutes without melting.

Rockfon Pacific’s stone wool core also provides a cleaner working environment and makes the tiles easy to handle when cutting to fit at perimeters and around columns etc. It offers 100% humidity resistance with 100% dimensional stability so no sagging or warping even over large intermittently heated areas. The tiles are lightweight and easier to cut and handle than wet felted mineral fibre ceiling products. In addition stone wool tiles do not need to rely on perforations or holes in an attempt to absorb sound so the finished effect is classically plain and simple. Unlike wet felted mineral fibre tiles, there’s no need to acclimatise Rockfon Pacific before installation, further enhancing ease of installation, reducing hassle, enhancing peace of mind and longevity.

Commenting on the installation Steve Bentley, Mirage (Ceilings & Partitioning) Ltd said, “We have been using Rockfon Pacific for many years because they are really good tiles to work with and they offer great value. Mercedes-Benz needed a ceiling that was clean, unfussy and classy and Rockfon delivered.”

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