New lockable fused main switches ensure safety on site

One of the main causes of electrical accidents on site is the failure to ensure the implementation of safe isolation procedures. At Scolmore we understand all too well the importance of safe isolation practice, particularly in circumstances where work is being carried out in the presence of a number of other trades and on projects where more than one electrician may be employed. 


This potential problem can be compounded by the fact that main isolators are often fitted where the incoming supply is some distance from the consumer unit. It is possible that it will be out of sight of the contractor when he is at work. This introduces the possibility that someone else working on the project could inadvertently switch on the isolator without the contractor knowing and thus enhance the risk of electric shock - whatever he is working on could become live without warning.


Our new lockable fused main switches provide a simple solution to safe isolation and is part of our continual drive as a business to bring to market innovative products that will make life easier and, in this case, safer for electricians and contractors.


The DB751 - lockable 80A fused main switch (100A max) and DB701 - lockable 80A fused main switch - introduce the ability to lock the main isolator in the ‘off’ position. By providing protection against the power supply being unintentionally or inadvertently energised, it means the contractor can work elsewhere in the building safe in the knowledge that only he can restore the supply.

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