New literature puts the spotlight on Recticel products

A new suite of literature produced by Recticel Insulation Products has focussed attention on some of the most popular areas of the company’s range of thermal insulation products. The four new brochures cover Eurothane Eurodeck, Powerdeck F, Eurowall Cavity and Eurothane GP and they have been designed to provide guidance on the specification, application, installation and performance of the products.

Each of the products covered by the new brochures is based on a high performance, rigid PIR foam insulation board. Eurothane Eurodeck is designed for use in warm flat roofs, under mechanically fixed single-ply membrane waterproofing systems, while Eurothane GP is a multi-purpose board for pitched roofing, flooring and framed-wall applications. Powerdeck F is intended for use in warm flat roofs under built-up felt, mastic asphalt and approved single-ply membrane waterproofing systems. Eurowall Cavity is for use in partially-filled masonry cavity walls up to 25m high.

The brochures outline the many benefits which the products bring to the different types of roofing, flooring and wall applications they are intended for. They also provide a wealth of information on such subjects as insulation system design and heat loss calculations plus recommended installation and construction procedures.

“Our products offer a better way of creating the most practical and effective insulation solution for virtually any type of project and the new brochures explain why that is,” explains Recticel’s Sales and Marketing Director, Chris Hall.  “We aim to make the process of specifying and installing our products as simple and straightforward as possible. The new brochures are simply another stage of that process and they form an important element of the wide range of technical advice and support that we offer to our customers. ” 

More details can be found at  from where the brochures can be downloaded.

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