Linoleum flooring has long been appreciated for its natural qualities, comfort, durability and stunning designs. With the launch of New Linoleum xf, Tarkett has added a significant new benefit – greatly reduced cleaning and maintenance demands.

New Linoleum xf features a unique surface protection that gives superior resistance to abrasion, stains and chemicals. Its development has re-written the book on the daily care of linoleum and created a totally new economic picture, with excellent life cycle costs.

For specifiers looking for a high quality flooring solution, New Linoleum xf will come as a revelation. The solid element of the linoleum is backed with traditional jute and finished with a pure UV-hardened terpolymer surface protection. This protector means several steps can be eliminated from the maintenance programme compared with untreated linoleum flooring.

The new product makes it possible to significantly reduce the frequency and extent of cleaning and maintenance, yet still achieve the highest flooring performance. Effectively, compared with non xf linoleum, damp mopping and stain removal procedures can be reduced by a massive 50%. Machine cleaning, which may be required only in very heavy traffic areas, can also be cut by 50%. No initial wax or polish is needed and there is no need to strip. The product can also be installed with a traditional welding rod.

Tarkett has always highlighted to specifiers and end users that the cost of the initial investment in a floor covering normally represents a fraction of that flooring’s total life cycle cost. The rest is made up of cleaning and maintenance. The lower frequency of cleaning needed by New Linoleum xf means that, compared with untreated linoleum, payback on the extra investment is achieved within just one year. In the first year alone, the cleaning and maintenance bill can be reduced by 30%. Over a period of ten years, Tarkett estimates that for an area of 1000 sq m, the overall savings would reach £43,000.

There is also an environmental advantage as New Linoleum xf enables the consumption of water, detergent and energy to be reduced by 50%. In addition, Linoleum is a natural and sustainable organic product in its own right. It contains linseed oil which gives its subtle, appealing aroma, and cork flour which provides resistance and flexibility.

New Linoleum xf still offers all the qualities for which Tarkett linoleum has always been sought after, including a natural, warm feel and amazing creative versatility. Colour choices are virtually unlimited and characterized by a subtle, natural effect that makes the product an excellent choice for high quality commercial and residential interiors.

Tarkett-Marley Floors is a specialist manufacturer of a wide range of vinyl and linoleum floor coverings for commercial and housing applications.

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