New LED Strip Lamp Lasts 30 Times Longer Than A Standard Lamp

Specialist lamp company, Greenstock, has just launched the new LED Strip Lamp which joins their comprehensive range of long life and low energy LED lamps designed to create energy savings and reduce maintenance and electricity costs.

The new LED double-ended tubular retrofit lamp has extremely low power consumption, almost no heat output and an average lamp life of 30,000 hours, 30 times more than a standard lamp. The lamps are used extensively in hotels and guesthouses for picture lighting, mirror lighting and are also used for under-cabinet lighting in kitchens.

The lamp fits into all existing fittings and is available in both 284mm and 221mm lengths in both warm and cool white light. The 221mm length lamp consumes only 2 watts, whilst the 284mm lamp uses only 3 watts, making the lamp extremely energy efficient in comparison to standard lamps. The lamps are internally fused for safety and have an opal finish.

Greenstock has been sourcing long life versions of standard lamps for over 17 years, providing environmentally friendly alternatives to other lamp types through fewer lamp replacements, reducing manufacturing and waste disposal.  Organisations can also benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs and time disruption, as lamps need replacing less frequently.

The Greenstock Lamp Company is accredited to BS EN ISO 9002 ensuring the highest level of service and product quality.

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