New Johnstone’s CPD seminar puts colour under the spotlight

The science and psychology of colour is the latest subject to be addressed by leading paint specialists Johnstone’s in a new RIBA Approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar.

Titled ‘Understanding Colour’, the new seminar provides architects and specifiers with valuable information on the science of colour, how colour is seen through our eyes and how useful it is in everyday life.

Delivered by colour experts from the Johnstone’s specification team, the seminar examines the psychology of colour and looks at how colours can be used to influence our moods and enhance the feel of an environment.

The seminar goes on to look in detail at the different referencing systems that enable us to communicate colour, such as NCS, RAL and BS.

Colour can dramatically affect the look and feel of a room so it is crucial to make the right choice. By careful selection, designers can use colour to subtly influence moods and create the required ambience in different areas of a building and the seminar includes information that will assist specifiers and architects in making more effective colour decisions.

The seminar also touches on how colour can be used for wellbeing in healthcare environments, as well as colour schemes for commercial settings, advice on colour combinations to assist with way finding and information on how colours can help partially sighted people move around.

Clare Winter, Specification Marketing Manager for Johnstone’s, comments: “This CPD has been designed to ensure that specifiers and architects are equipped with an understanding and knowledge of colour that will assist them on projects across all sectors and help bring a splash of colour to buildings.”

Johnstone’s has been an official provider of RIBA CPD Seminars since 2005 and already has a range of CPD seminars covering subjects such as the protection and decoration of metal substrates, the application of flooring paints, anti bacterial coatings for internal surfaces and how to extend maintenance cycles.

Specifiers wishing to take advantage of this new CPD material should e-mail  or call 0800 023 2170.

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