New intelligent storage at Instarmac

A recent £180,000+ high density storage investment, made by the Instarmac Group, will assist in increasing the company’s productivity efficiency and volumes.

A new storage system able to hold 920 pallets at one time has been purchased from Warehouse Systems Ltd.  The storage system, complete with Radioshuttle device, will be installed and fully functional within Instarmac’s warehouse facility by January 2011.

The storage purchase is a fundamental part of the development and growth of Instarmac’s productivity volumes.  With sales for the past Instarmac financial year hitting record targets, the company has reviewed it’s warehousing storage, and invested in the intelligent storage system.  Seen as a vital aid to the company’s growth and efficency, the investment may be large but will dramatically improve the process that products follow from line manufacture to lorry loading.

The concept of Radioshuttle ensures the maximum use of warehouse volume, while maintaining flexibility and handling capacity.

An additional Transfer Car (to be installed by January too) will load pallets onto the new racking, and the storage system’s shuttle device will ensure first in, first out stock rotation.  The shuttle operates via radio transmitter and will be controlled by forklift truck operatives using a keypad.  It can perform many tasks including detecting pallets, stocking lanes to capacity and handling different pallet sizes.

Such a system will improve Instarmac’s speed at which products can be available for dispatch.  The need for pallet movement via forklift will be greatly reduced.  Thus saving valuable time as pallet movement will happen robotically at the push of a button, within a more condensed and efficient storage area.  While the shuttle is moving pallets, truck drivers will also be free to work elsewhere.  This increased use of robotic movement will also enhance safety within the company’s warehouse.  Pallet movement from high racking by truck drivers will be minimised, reducing accidental risk. 

Instarmac’s delivery service is already award-winning and this improvement will further the service offered to customers.  The distribution of fast selling products will become even more efficient, reducing order waiting times so they are almost none existent!  From production line to your depot!      

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