New installer standards welcomed by green energy firm Stiebel Eltron

Green energy specialist Stiebel Eltron has welcomed the launch of a new set of industry standards for renewable energy installers.


The guidelines were launched by Energy Minister Chris Huhne at an event at Whitehall, which was attended by all the major players from the UK’s renewables industry.


Mr Huhne said the Department of Energy and Climate Change had worked closely with industry to develop the standards, which will raise the quality of installations and give consumers more protection.


John Felgate is technical director at Stiebel Eltron, the Wirral based firm which specialises in manufacturing heat pump and solar technology. He said: “This is great news for manufacturers, installers and consumers; we welcome any move that helps to raise the quality and integrity of the renewable energy industry.


“Chris Huhne presented a number of failings highlighted by the recent Energy Savings Trust trial and where installers were going wrong. This included fatal errors such as under-sizing heat pump systems and therefore decreasing their efficiency.


“Installers needed a set of guidelines to ensure that heat pumps achieve the carbon savings they are supposed to, as well as ensuring that consumers feel secure and protected. There have been a lot of horror stories about cowboy installations and badly performing systems. We have to now present a unified front and get the message out there that we are a well regulated, quality industry with excellent practices.”


DECC confirmed that the installer standards are now in place and that they will become mandatory from this December.


Mr Felgate added: “As a company we will be meeting with all out partner installers to go through all the guidelines and ensure that the installer understands each part. We will also be holding workshops and answering any questions they have. It is essential that these standards are adhered to as those installers who don’t could lose their MCS accreditation.


“It is worth noting that DECC has been working very closely with the industry to set up these standards – we hope that the government continues to listen to our advice and works alongside us to promote and support the renewable energy sector.”

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