New industry-leading clay pantile meets needs of UK house builders

Break through innovation has combined with traditional aesthetics to meet the needs of UK house builders seeking an easy-to-fix clay tile with the launch of the first-of-its kind Lincoln clay pantile from Marley Eternit.

Featuring a classic s-curve profile and thin leading edge, the new Lincoln is as fast and simple to install as a concrete roof tile. It can also be used at an extremely low minimum roof pitch of just 17.5 degrees, giving Lincoln versatility for use on a variety of projects where a traditional pantile appearance is required.

Lincoln is available in Rustic Red and Natural Red with a comprehensive range of fittings.  The Rustic Red creates a premium reclaimed finish suitable for use on properties required to match the local vernacular or be subject to local planning conditions.  The Natural Red has a smooth more uniform appearance with clean lines.

The Lincoln pantile was developed following extensive research by Marley Eternit.  It showed the need for a traditional clay pantile, which could be quickly and easily installed without the need for specialist roofing skills as many house builders face skills and labour shortages on site. 

Sarah Jackson, marketing product manager at Marley Eternit, comments: “Lincoln clay tiles give a traditional pantile appearance on the roof, but are more cost effective to install on a wide range of properties.  In light of the on-going skills challenges and the need to build more houses in the future, we have made the Lincoln pantile as easy to install as possible, while not compromising on tradition. 

“In addition, all single lap tiles must now be installed to meet the latest fixing requirements to BS 5534 and the NHBC Technical Standards. To meet these requirements quickly and easily, Lincoln is compatible with Marley Eternit’s Universal Dry Fix systems and Mortar Hip and Ridge fixing kits. Lincoln pantiles can also be installed with Marley Eternit’s new one-piece tile clip, SoloFix, which can save up to 30% roof clipping time compared to traditional clip fixing.”

Discover how the new Lincoln clay pantile can save time without compromising on tradition by visiting, or calling 01283 722588 to talk to Marley Eternit’s team of advisors.

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