New, improved Showersave Recoh-vert, RV-3 recognised by BRE

We are pleased to announce that as of 30 June 2011 the RV-3 has been uploaded into the Products Characteristics Database (PCDB) of SAP 2009. In addition, BRE has recognised that there are different ways in which the systems (RV- 2, RV-3) can now be installed. These developments will allow UK house builders to achieve the Code levels at a lower cost. The real benefit will depend on the house type, size, occupancy, fuel displaced and the number of baths and showers.

The Showersave Recoh-vert, RV-3 is recognised by BRE to be 5% more efficient than its predecessor the RV-2. This is likely to translate to a significant up lift in points to achieve Code 3 & 4. The Showersave Recoh-vert, RV-3 is installed in the same way to the RV-2, it looks exactly the same. The enhancements have been made to the heat exchange unit within the pipe. We are supplying this product at no extra cost to the end user. A new installation manual will be included with unit dispatched.

- SAP 2005: Recoh-Vert RV2 & RV-3 and RT1 are listed within the SAP Appendix Q database via a calculation spreadsheet held at: the RV-2 and the RV-3 have the same efficiencies in 2005 - SAP 2009: Recoh-Vert RV3 and RT1 are listed within the SAP Products Characteristics Database (PCDB), which is a file that can be accessed by commercial SAP software. For software that cannot implement WWHRS calculations, such as NHER, there is a supplementary calculation spreadsheet available at: Checklists and product details will be available at: The situation pre-30th June 2011 The Showersave Recoh-vert, RV-2 and the Showersave Recoh-tray, RT-1 could be installed in the following configuration to be recognised within SAP 2005 under Appendix Q.

NB. Two showers can be connected to a single Showersave Recoh-vert, RV-3 and this can include a single Instantaneous Electric Shower (IES).

System C, is likely to have the lowest cost of installation, depending on house type.

The system’s warranty is conditional on the heat exchanger being installed in accordance with proper plumbing practices, Building Regulations and the installation manual.

There are two NCM (SAP) Identifier labels included with each unit; the second should always remain displayed and accessible for the purposes of future SAP assessments. A checklist must also be completed and submitted to BPD Ltd, in accordance with the requirements of SAP.

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