The Dimplex range of air source heat pumps is popular with specifiers, consultants and developers, with a new range of high efficiency models extending the range to meet the demand for energy efficient heating and hot water in both commercial and residential builds, including multi-dwelling developments.

Air source heat pumps have the most straightforward installation requirements of all the heat pump technologies and the units are able to extract renewable heat from the freely-available outside air, even at low temperatures (down to minus 25 degrees Celsius).

The new range of high efficiency models is available in a choice of five outputs from 9 - 40kW, all offering Coefficients of Performance (CoP) comparable with ground source units. The largest in the range, the LA 40 TU, offers a flow temperature up to 58 degrees Celsius, although optimum performance is achieved at lower flow temperatures; 3.9 at A2/W35 and 4.5 at A7/W35.

The range is ideal for applications including communal systems for apartment developments and commercial buildings. For buildings with higher heating loads, several heat pumps can be used in parallel.

Where cooling capability is also required, the LA 35 TUR+ is a 35kW reversible air source heat pump, ideal for commercial applications such as leisure centres. Giving flow temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius, it can also be used in reversible mode for cooling, whereby it extracts heat from the internal environment. Waste heat collected in this way can then be used for domestic hot water, or for heating a swimming pool.

Air source technology has minimal space requirements compared with ground source, while relatively mild winter temperatures in the UK mean excellent levels of efficiency and performance are achieved throughout the year. With excellent CoP, air source heat pumps can help to achieve high building energy rating scores for new build projects. They are also suitable for retro fit applications, especially where space is limited.

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