Specifiers, housebuilders and self-builders looking to achieve Level 3 of the Code of Sustainable Homes (25% reduced CO2 emissions from January 2010) should consider the latest Genvex heat pump ventilation systems from Total Home Environment Ltd (T.H.E).

The new Genvex Premium range combines heat recovery ventilation with heat pump technology to efficiently harness energy from outgoing air. With a 35-year pedigree in developing advanced ventilation systems, the Danish company Genvex, has designed the new Premium range to provide heat as well as ventilation and also cooling on hot summer days. All this from one appliance, compact enough to fit into the loft space of the house.

The efficiency of the low energy Genvex Premium system is outstanding; the appliance generates as much as six times the heat energy, as the power it consumes. Whilst the system provides an air change in the house every two hours, it can take outside air of –1°C and convert this to an incoming air temperature of 34°C.

The Genvex system continually provides fresh filtered air (pollen filters as standard) whilst removing moisture and humidity. It also usefully extracts the harmful cocktail of chemicals and dustmites present in the modern home and all in extremely quiet conditions because of its advanced design EC motors.

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