New Gradient waste management system minimises environmental impact

A new initiative launched by the UK’s experts in tapered single –layer roofing is set to raise the bar for waste management procedures used in the industry. The initiative has been created by Gradient Flat Roofing and offers a practical and proven system which minimises the quantity of waste created at every stage of the design and installation process, also helping to limit the resulting CO2 emissions.

Gradient’s ability to create a genuinely bespoke solution for every project is central to the new scheme. It starts at the design stage where the insulation boards are set out from the roof’s high points. This means that square cutting is usually only required on the thinnest boards which minimises the volume of any off-cuts. Gradient also advises customers on waste reduction methods such the use of half-boards, flat gutters, infills and the potential to re-use large off-cuts.

The system also includes the use of highly accurate, factory pre-cut 45o mitres. Perfected by Gradient over the last 15 years these joints greatly minimise any on-site cutting required (again reducing the amount of site waste) and also ensure a very accurate fit for the boards. Non-standard factory-cut mitres can also be provided, which cuts site waste even further.

“Clear communication between ourselves and the roofing contractor is another essential element,” adds Gradient Sales Manager Richard Milward. “This helps everyone to understand the insulation scheme properly and make the installation process trouble-free.”

Gradient’s unique packaging methods are also central to the new scheme as they ensure that the insulation boards are made up into the smallest load possible, in order to reduce transport requirements. “We can even work with contractors to complete a waste audit which specifies the exact quantity of product supplied to site and identifies  the likely volume of waste they will need to remove,” adds Richard.

“It’s important to emphasise that this system has been developed in collaboration with roofing contractors working on live projects, so it’s extremely practical. It incorporates Gradient’s many years of experience and so it’s able to provide benefits to architects, specifiers and contractors alike.”

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