New Gradient Flat Roofing Website Looks at Roof Insulation From a Fresh Angle

The launch of a new website has focussed the spotlight on the UK experts in tapered, single-layer roofing insulation. The new website explains how, over the last 25 years, Gradient Flat Roofing has built up a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of high quality tapered, single-layer roof insulation and it details the many benefits that this offers to Gradient’s customers.

The cost-effective advantages of tapered, single-layer insulation are explained on the site. These include the ability to install quickly and easily directly onto the vapour control layer, a significant reduction in the need for on-site cutting and fixing and the ability to use a variety of different material combinations – such as foil-faced PIR, Cork/PIR, Rockwool/PIR, Powerdeck B and Plywood/PIR - to suit different requirements. Visitors can also find out more about Gradient’s ability to supply a bespoke solution to virtually any type of project.

The site explains how Gradient’s unparalleled expertise enables the company to advise on every aspect of a project. The company is happy to become involved right at the earliest stages and provide guidance on everything from the suitability of initial design schemes through the material specification decisions, the installation process and on to completion.

A Technical Zone on the site also provides visitors with information to simplify the specification process. This includes typical specification clauses plus details on BBA Certifications, COSHH guidelines and downloadable product datasheets. Gradient’s unique waste reduction and recycling programme is also outlined, along with other items such as pre-cut mitre joints and off-site manufacturing – both techniques in which Gradient has been leading the way for the past 15 years.

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