New Fully Reversible Window From REHAU

A new contemporary version of REHAU’s fully reversible window system has just been launched.


With a flush fitting sash and frame, slimmer sightlines and the option to achieve a WER A rating, REHAU says that the new system will open up new sales opportunities for customers.


Traditionally, fully reversible windows have been used largely in multi-storey applications because they allow for easy cleaning from the inside, but REHAU says that its new more modern version is also likely to appeal to a much broader section of the market simply looking for a contemporary alternative to casements.


The flush fitting sash and frame give this fully reversible window a slimmer and sleeker overall look but REHAU has not compromised on performance for aesthetics.


With a multi-chamber profile offering improved U-Values, the new fully reversible is able to achieve a WER A rating if required and is available with a full range of glazing options up to 44mm.  It is part of REHAU’s 70mm range and is fully compatible with all of the ancillaries available for the S706 system.


REHAU’s new fully reversible features built in hinge guides for more efficient manufacturing and gives fabricators the option of choosing any make of hinge without additional components being necessary.  Like all REHAU systems, it has been designed with ease of installation in mind.


Wolfgang Gorner, Business Unit Director REHAU Window Division, said:  “The new fully reversible is a major leap forward in terms of design which we believe will help existing fabricators to win new business as well as attracting new fabricators who previously might have thought of these windows as being too niche.


“For the traditional social housing market where fully reversibles are extensively used, the option to achieve a WER A rating will help customers to get onto more tender lists and win more contracts, while in the trade and retail markets the new system will allow customers to offer that all important ‘something different’.


“This is the latest example of REHAU investing in the continuous improvement of our product range and follows on from our launch of the S706 baypole solution earlier this year.  We remain committed to this policy and to the UK market as a whole.”

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