New from Ultrascape, Paving Guard, the solvent free liquid sand stabiliser, surface sealant and chewing gum adhesion inhibitor.

As the latest addition to the renowned Ultrascape range of products, Paving Guard provides a versatile solution for joint protection in domestic, commercial and public realm projects.

The product is an acrylic polyurethane hybrid and as such provides for both a user-friendly application and an extremely robust and durable finish, normally only achieved with solvent stabilised products.

The product has three uses:

Sand stabiliser
When used on flexibly constructed paved areas (sand bed and joints), Ultrascape Paving Guard bonds the particles of jointing sand to one another preventing ‘wash-out’ during cleaning cycles, whilst maintaining the necessary degree of flexibility required for this construction type.

Surface sealant
When applied to paving as a surface sealant, the product forms a protective barrier to many common stain agents (oils, grease, foodstuffs etc.) and reduces the effects of such stains whilst also facilitating easier subsequent cleaning of treated areas.

Chewing gum adhesion inhibitor
Paving Guard reduces the ability of chewing gum to adhere to the paving surface.  The product doesn’t prevent chewing gum from sticking altogether, as the subsequent risk of carriage into shops and other internal areas is not generally desirable.  It is intended to facilitate easier removal during normal cleaning cycles.

When being used as either a surface sealant or chewing gum adhesion inhibitor, Paving Guard can be used alongside the  BS 7533 approved Ultrascape mortar paving system. 

The product is available in a 25ltr drum, with 20 to a pallet.  Its working time is 120 minutes and it is ready to receive foot traffic after 5 hours.  It is suitable for use on most paving types and in most commercial environments including town centres, public squares and pedestrianised areas.

Ultrascape Paving Guard provides an aesthetically pleasing low-sheen finish to treated areas and offers a less impactive finish than conventional solvent stabilised materials. 

For more information on Paving Guard and complimentary products, please call 01827 871871 or email:

Ultrascape is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc.

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