Ecophon has introduced a new range of Free-Hanging acoustic ceiling solutions for areas where a full, edge-to-edge acoustic ceiling would not be suitable. These include applications where concrete core activation has been used as a design feature or where localised acoustic control is preferred. The new ceiling kits blend in with the building's aesthetic design and boast excellent design features for a professional, seamless finish.

The Free-Hanging acoustic ceiling systems allow the architect considerable freedom to create different design elements that will add aesthetic value to the room’s interior. The system is also suitable for use in an existing building where, for example, there is a glass ceiling already in-situ or where existing stucco work or ceiling paintings need to be retained in an existing position. Examples of localised use of Free Hanging acoustic ceilings include canteens, interview areas, libraries or reading zones and meeting rooms.

The use of concrete core activation, where the building structure plays a part in thermal storage, has become widespread in recent years. This means that often, the covering of concrete floors – for example, by suspended ceilings – would interfere with the exchange of heat energy and the cooling or heating effect of the concrete core would be lessened. Free-Hanging Units protect the integrity of comfort system design and ensure that sufficient air circulation and radiant heat is able to take place.

Master FT Solo S is a completely new product based on a single, sound absorbing panel in different designs. It can be simply suspended from the ceiling and offers savings from localising use to specific areas, either where noise is being generated or where quiet conditions are required – for instance, where interviews or consultations are taking place. It is a horizontal element with painted edges and there are no profiles round the individual element, resulting in a simple, minimalist impression. It comes with the Akutex FT surface, White 500.

Ecophon Focus FT Wing is a system of free-hanging sound absorbers with attractive wing-shaped edges. The slender finish gives the element a floating impression. The system comes with a hidden grid (Focus Ds and Dg) or with an inset grid (Focus E) together with Surface Akutex FT, white 500.

Edge 500 is manufactured from extruded aluminium and has prefabricated corners. This results in a smooth union between profile and corner. With its structured powder coating, the white 500 matches the Akutex FT white surface. The system comes with a hidden grid (Focus Ds and Dg) or with an inset grid (Focus E). The products are unique, combining excellent room acoustics with dynamic, aesthetic possibilities for architects and others who create interior environments in commercial and public premises.

The free-hanging units can be illuminated in different ways, and the new Akutex FT surface reflects the light from what is an almost completely smooth surface. They are categorised in the best sound absorption class (A), meaning it is easier for people to interact and work where they are installed. Significant improvements in speech intelligibility and a quieter, more relaxing environment will also be achieved through their specification.

For more information contact Saint-Gobain Ecophon Limited, Old Brick Kiln, Ramsdell, Tadley, Hampshire, RG26 5PP, Tel: 01256 85097, Fax: 01256 850600, email or visit their website

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