New DRU PowerVent® system for total flexibility of gas fire installation!

DRU Verwarming B.V. has launched a new and revolutionary flue system that enables a gas fire to be located almost anywhere in the home. The DRU PowerVent® system makes it simple to install a gas fire in homes both large and small, from a loft apartment to a terraced house. Importantly, it offers architects an ideal solution for creating unusual configurations.

Last year, DRU introduced the innovative and space-saving SMART® flue channel. This year the company is going a step further. With the new PowerVent® flue system, you can overcome the limitations of existing flue channels by bridging large distances, getting around numerous bends and even removing your flue gases via a crawl space or basement! This gives you the freedom to install a gas fire or stove wherever you like!

The secret lies in the Powerbox that is connected to the flue on the outside of the home or just below the roof. A control unit measures the pressure difference in the flue and compares it with the pre-entered recommended pressure difference for assuring optimum burning of the fire. The control unit is connected to the Powerbox and, if necessary, activates a ventilator to continue the airflow in the flue. This function is completely automatic!

In effect, the system ensures that there is always sufficient draught in the flue channel. Consequently, there are now hardly any limitations for removing flue gases. DRU is thus introducing a revolutionary system that greatly increases the possibilities for installing gas fires and stoves. You can even install your fire in a completely freestanding position in the middle of your living room as pictured!

The DRU PowerVent® system is already available with a selection of contemporary DRU gas fires, including widescreen, tunnel, 2 sided and 3 sided models. In the future the system will be available on all DRU gas fires.

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