New DRU Maestro luxury gas fires with Eco Wave.

DRU is Europe’s leading manufacturer of contemporary gas fires and wood stoves. The Maestro range, which will become available in autumn 2015, is its most advanced selection of gas fires yet, featuring a sophisticated new integrated burner, log set and the company’s exclusive Eco Wave control system.

The newly designed burner system creates the most authentic wood fire that DRU has ever produced, with high and dense flames dancing around the realistic logs.

Non reflective glass and choice of interiors

In addition, the Maestro gas fires feature new Clear View non-reflective glass fronts, which further enhance the illusion of a real log fire. These glass windows have an easy release system, which means they can be easily accessed for routine cleaning and maintenance.

For the interiors of the Maestro gas fires, there is a choice of gloss black, classic brick or mirrored Ceraglass, which creates extra depth of vision and an even more spectacular fire display.

Eco Wave app smart controls

The introduction of the Eco Wave app control system enables the owners of the fire to create their own flame picture, vary the heat output and gas consumption and set the timer controls, all done using

a smartphone or tablet. The range of the heat output is between 2.2 and 9.6 kW, so the fires can be set for mild autumn or freezing cold midwinter days and all points in between.

The Eco Wave system is also programmed to send vital information to the DRU dealer about service intervals and help to diagnose any technical issues that require attention.

Balanced flue system with ease of installation

DRU Maestro gas fires are balanced flue appliances. They can be installed in homes with or without a chimney, including the construction of a heat-resistant false chimneybreast if required. All approved DRU dealers are fully trained to install and maintain these highly advanced gas appliances.

Front, Corner and Triple versions

Thanks to balanced flue technology, DRU gas fires no longer need to conform to a standard chimney location, and the new Maestro models are no exception. You can select from the standard Front model, with its large viewing window, or you can choose from the 2-sided Corner or 3-sided Triple versions, which provide more panoramic views of the fire and more options in terms of room location.

 High efficiency and flexible location options

Thanks to sophisticated DRU gas fire technology, Maestro gas fires have an impressive energy efficiency rating of 84%, an exceptional performance that ensures significant savings on household fuel in comparison to ordinary gas fires.

In addition, these fires are compatible with the exclusive DRU PowerVent® system, an extended, motorised flue assembly that enables the fires to be installed in previously inaccessible locations. This includes high rise apartments, lofts, home extensions, hotels, restaurants and much more.

Because of these kinds of innovations, DRU appliances are frequently specified by builders and architects for both domestic and commercial new developments.

DRU Maestro gas fires with Eco Wave app controls are available from specialist fireplace retailers throughout the UK. For more information, visit:

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