Dimplex is expanding its portfolio of low carbon heating solutions with the launch of SmartRad, a range of wall-mounted fan convector radiators offering a cost effective, responsive and energy efficient alternative to underfloor heating or conventional radiators for heat pump systems.

The SmartRad range is ideal for either installations in existing buildings – as a compact and energy efficient alternative to conventional radiators – and also for new builds, by offering specifiers for the first time a cost effective, practical and more responsive alternative to underfloor heating.

A key benefit of SmartRad is its excellent performance at water temperatures as low as 40 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use with heat pumps as part of a complete renewable energy system by allowing CoP to be optimised to reduce running costs and CO2 emissions. For properties with condensing boilers, the lower flow temperatures allow the boiler to operate in its most effective range.

Designed for modern domestic interiors, SmartRad is currently available in a stylish twist to the classic metal radiator design and soon the options of elegant white or black glass finishes will be added to the range.

SmartRad contains less than three percent of the water volume of a conventional steel radiator and its low thermal mass makes it exceptionally responsive, with a room warm-up time around four times faster than a conventional radiator with comparable output. It also responds quickly to changes in room temperature from incidental heat gains, for example from solar gain.

As a result of its dynamic response, tests have indicated that SmartRad uses 75 percent less energy than a standard radiator with comparable output to bring a room from 15 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius.

Integral electronic thermostatic control gives automatic control over fan speed output and room temperature stability, improving SmartRad’s efficiency as well as giving individual room temperature control for user comfort. As the room temperature nears the desired point, fan speed is reduced and the ambient temperature closely monitored to an accuracy of within one degree Celsius, minimising wasteful temperature overshoot and drift.

For advanced levels of control, SmartRad is compatible with optional plug-in 24-hour or seven-day programmers to tailor the functionality to closely match the user’s occupancy pattern for maximum energy-saving.

The range is available in four sizes, with nominal outputs ranging from 0.8kW to 1.8kW. However, with the flexibility of significant output variations based on fan speed and water flow temperature, the range spans applications from 0.4kW to 5kW.

Using 15mm compression fittings and with weights for the range starting at just 12kg, installation is straightforward. Plumbing connections can be right or left hand for maximum flexibility, while an air bleed valve ensures efficient operation by avoiding air pockets.

All models in the range have dimensions of 500mm (H) x 140mm (D), with width varying from 500mm to 910mm, dependent on output.

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