New Diffuser Luminaires From RIDI Fitted With Microwave Sensor

RIDI has announced the launch of the RK-LED – a circular luminaire which comes pre-fitted with a microwave sensor for absence/presence detection. Ideal for corridors and stairwells, RK-LED features a robust opal acrylic diffuser, durable steel housing and two LED modules for extended life and optimised heat distribution. 

The integral microwave sensor is effective wall mounted (10m range) or ceiling mounted (8m range)  and ensures maximum energy saving in public areas of any commercial or education establishment. The onboard sensor is also adjustable to suit the requirements of its setting with both light duration (10 seconds – 20 minutes) and brightness (20-100%) open to manipulation.  A 1200lm and 1500lm version of the luminaires are available in two diameters, both with an onboard battery for emergency lighting during power-outs.

“Our new RK-LED fitting is designed for long-life savings, both in terms of maintenance and consumption,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI UK. “The microwave sensor has been pre-fitted to offer a tidy and reliable solution to end-users who can make savings from the time of installation. RK-LED has on-board LED technology adding to its appeal for large organisations. The product is also more thermally stable than previous fluorescent versions.”

RK-LED delivers an even distribution of light with no blackspots and excellent thermal management thanks to the copper coating on both sides and to the interlaying connection of the LED modules. The fitting is IP 40 rated with an IP54 version also available soon. The RK-LED is also available without the microwave sensor, where the LED modules are actuated alternately by separate drivers and can be switched in isolation for nighttime lighting.

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