New CPD gives sound advice to architects

A new RIBA approved CPD presentation for architects from commercial flooring specialist Polyflor Ltd takes a close look at the specification of acoustic vinyl floorcoverings in relation to combating nuisance noise – and meeting the latest Building Regulations and guidance documents – in a variety of buildings.

The presentation looks at the impact of the Disability Discrimination Act on Building Regulations, especially Part E, as well as DfES, HTM and BREEAM guidance and assessment documents and examines how these relate to design and specification for the workplace, schools, hospitals, hostels, hotels, boarding houses, halls of residence and other multi-occupancy dwellings.

The two distinct types of noise pollution – impact sound and airborne sound – are explained alongside the role of acoustic vinyl flooring in helping to reduce the effects of the former as well as providing additional benefits in terms of performance, durability and aesthetics.

The presentation also looks at key flooring standards which need to be observed when specifying acoustic vinyl floors and concludes with guidance on installation and maintenance and a series of brief case studies illustrating acoustic floors in action in various locations.

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