New comprehensive roofing specification guide

The new Roofing Specification Guide aims to help construction professionals design and specify roof solutions in accordance with the latest regulations, standards and best practice. The comprehensive 224 page guide is available to download or request a hard copy from roofing and facades manufacturer Marley Eternit.

Its breadth and depth of easy-to-use content comprises detail on building regulations and standards such as BS 5534, BS 5250 and BS 8000-6, product innovations and technical advice.

Design considerations such as management of condensation, ventilation and weather resistance, encompassing all elements of the roof are covered in the new guide.  In addition, readers also have access to information on measuring success and assessing the sustainability of buildings. 

The Roofing Specification Guide is already supporting over 3,000 architects and is available for you to download or request a hard copy from

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