New ‘Closer’ Publication New Solutions for Part L

Creating compliant window and door openings in cavity walls has just been made easy.

From 6th April 2006 compliance with Approved Document L will no longer be based on elemental methods (relying on calculations based on the U-values of walls, floors and ceilings).

From 6th April a building will comply if the CO2 emissions for the whole building are not greater than a target value equal to 80% of the CO2 emissions when calculated against a notional dwelling of the same size and shape. The target value being based on the fuel type to heat the dwelling, plus additional measures such as lower U-values, tighter construction and lower air permeability ratings.

The most important area of construction is the building envelope, of which the cavity wall comprises the greater part. In particular the window and door openings within a cavity wall punctuate the masonry continuity, and thus need to be created in a manner that addresses the demands of reveal closing, damp-proofing, thermal insulation, fire (stop) integrity and acoustic suppression.

The 6th April 2006 is also the date when Cavity Trays of Yeovil releases its latest publication entitled: Closers and Fire-Stops.

The new publication contains details of 16 caviclosers and cavistops. Each construction solution is shown in colour, with an easy-to-follow application grid alongside. This latest range includes updated specifications and four new products.

Some products have a red Cavi Rating, identifying them as providing a determined level of fire integrity when tested to the principles of BS 476. An example being a Cavi 240 signifies 240 minutes fire integrity (four hours).

Within the range are dual-application closers with a hinged faceplate. The faceplate front edge can be turned 90 degrees to suit checked reveals. Thus one model suits both straight and checked reveals.

Of the new models listed are several identified with the prefix MWR, indicating they are caviclosers from the Maximum Width Range. Closers and stops within this category may be used in various cavities up to a maximum width of 200mm.

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