New ceiling tile design proves a winner with architects

A new acoustic ceiling tile that combines the strength and durability of gypsum with a distinctive perforated pattern which architects across Europe have chosen as offering exciting new design potential, has been launched in the UK by British Gypsum.

Developed in Denmark, new Gyptone Sixto features a regular pattern of full-depth hexagonal perforations, which, in combination with an acoustic backing tissue, provide very high levels of sound absorption for prestige areas.

The hexagonal design came out top in a survey of architectural and interior design practices in the UK and a number of European countries, as offering the greatest potential from a number of proposed new tile designs.

The hexagonal design, with its high open area, means that the new tile is the first perforated gypsum tile in the Arteco range to provide up to Class B absorption (0.8 w) at 300mm plenum depth. The robust design also has a line load breaking strength of around 45kg, giving much greater durability than mineral fibre.

As with all of the tiles in British Gypsum’s Arteco range, new Gyptone Sixto will support light fittings and other equipment up to 3kg in weight without the need for a separate support pattress, saving time and money for the contractor and client. Unlike mineral fibre, the tiles can also be repainted without loss of acoustic performance, thus enabling pristine appearance to be maintained throughout the installed life of the ceiling.

New Gyptone Sixto tiles are available throughout the UK via leading ceiling distributors and stockists. For further information refer to or ring the British Gypsum technical help line 08705 456123.

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