New Cavitray System Gets Off the Ground


Type GBFICS is the abbreviated reference for the new Ground Bearing Floor Insulated Cavitray System being released by Cavity Trays of Yeovil

The Building Regulations demand insulation of the ground floor slab perimeter. The Regulations also demand accompanying protection against damp penetration. When this occurs on ground that is subject to radon or methane gas emission, there is the further requirement to prevent such gases permeating the building envelope. Importantly, the method of protection must also embrace the cavity via which contamination can otherwise infiltrate. What the Type GBFICS does is combine these measures into one product. In so doing it additionally introduces a protective cavitray around the base of the wall whilst enhancing the thermal status of the cavity/floor junction.

Uniquely combining all these functions the Type GBFICS provides a new, speedy one-piece method of getting out of the ground quickly. The need for numerous elements to be brought together on site is eliminated. The one-piece method promotes a robust, consistent and known standard of build - every time.

The GBFICS is available in different profiles, and Cavity Trays operates a take-off service in which the optimum dimensions to suit site conditions and designs are determined and a schedule is prepared. The contractor then has only to call off plots as required to suit the build programme.

Adjoining lengths are lap sealed using gas-grade integrity sealing joints. Compatible preformed corners and steps accommodate changes in direction. The Type GBFICS is manufactured from petheleyne, with zero ODP urethane or polystyrene insulation enveloped in 2400mm lengths.

The release date for the Type GBFICS is August 2006. Further information is being given within seminars being conducted by Cavity Trays throughout the UK. Apply to the Yeovil-based company for venue information and tickets.

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