New Cavicloser: Sash Window Applications

Sash Frame Insulated Cavicloser

  • Acts as a DPC.
  • Thermally insulates.
  • Assured preformed detail.
  • Permits upgrading of opening when refurbishing property.

Sash Frame Insulated Caviclosers are specifically manufactured for use with sash window frames. DPC integrity is introduced along the line of the masonry check and cavity, promoting thermal enhancement of the reveal.

Sash Frame Caviclosers are available for both traditional counterweight box style and balance style frames. The specifier is able to select the extent of thermal enhancement to suit the frame and structural opening dimensions. In the case of balanced sash frames replacing counterweight sash frame, the opportunity also exists to fully insulate the resultant void. Modified versions are also manufactured for use in solid wall construction where envelopment of the frame is desired to isolate against permeating damp.

The Sash Window Cavicloser is one of four new closers available from 1st January 2009 and is featured within the new publication ‘Closing Cavity Walls’, published by Cavity Trays of Yeovil.

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