DESIGNA UK, the manufacturers of PM ABACUS Pay on Foot parking systems, has now extended its range and is able to offer parking equipment for ‘Drop off’ areas at airports.

The new system consists of a barrier, ANPR camera and loops at both the entry and exit of the ‘Drop off’ area. In addition, at the exit, there is a payment terminal to enable drivers to make a payment directly from their vehicle.

Thus, when a vehicle arrives at the entry, it drives over the loops. An image of the licence plate number is taken by the ANPR camera and the barrier opens.  On exit, payment can be made by cash into a basket or by credit card using Chip & Pin.  If payment is made by cash, then the coins, after being placed in the basket, will be passed by a coin separator onto a coin validator and then into a lockable coin box.  Upon receipt of the correct amount, a signal is sent to lift the barrier.  However if defective coins or foreign objects are inserted, they are returned in the coin tray

The heart of the system is DESIGNA’s newly designed compact Payment Terminal, which features a basket for coin collection, a coin validator, a receipt printer and a credit card reader including Chip & Pin.  The ‘Drop off’ system is designed to function either as a stand-alone unit or networked to an airport parking system.

A number of intelligent features are included in the system software.  The ANPR cameras at entry and exit take the vehicle number plate.  If the vehicle has been in the ‘Drop off’ area for longer than the specified time, then the server will alert the back office and the back office can obtain the address of the registered owner from the DVLA.  The vehicle owner will then be sent an invoice for a much larger amount as a penalty for overstaying the time allowed.  The sophisticated software also allows the benefit of reporting on the number of payments, income and the number of overpayments.

DESIGNA has provided parking equipment to numerous airports around the world and has a team of technicians for installation, commissioning and servicing.

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