New building in harmony with the old on historic site

As part of the redevelopment of the Grade II* Listed offices of Salisbury District Council at Bourne Hill, architects Stanton Williams designed a new free-standing, glazed building that makes extensive use of Schueco's FW 50+SG façade system. Despite the differing materials used, the new building and the old mansion work well together, proving that when the overall design is right, ancient and modern architecture can co-exist in complete harmony.

Interestingly, the building – which was designed to achieve an ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating - also features a design ‘first’, a window that operates automatically behind a feature grill that lies flush with the glass in the Schueco façade. This elegant solution allows the façade to be ventilated ‘invisibly’. Developed by Schueco engineers and Stanton Williams for this specific project, this design detail has proved very popular with architects and has since been incorporated into a number of other projects.

The decision to use the Schueco FW 50+ SG system for the building's façade was agreed between the architects and Glamalco, the specialist curtain-walling subcontractor. It was judged ideal because as a mullion and transom structural glazing system, it has the strength and rigidity required to support the very tall glazing that is integral to the design. In addition, thanks to profiles that can only be seen from within the room, the façade is able to present an aesthetically pleasing flush appearance. From the outside, only glass surfaces with very slender shadow joints are visible.

            Commenting on the system, Stanton Williams said: 'We have specified and worked with Schueco on previous occasions. They are highly regarded in the field of curtain-walling and this project required a high-quality and well-detailed product. We worked closely with the designers from Schueco and their partner Glamalco right from the very early stages to develop the details and it was then that the FW 50+SG system was proposed and accepted as being the best for the project.'

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