New brochure shows how to save power, save money

Energy saving specialist Marshall-Tufflex has produced new literature outlining ways in which electrical contractors can offer domestic and commercial customers solutions to reduce electricity bills and cut carbon emissions. 

Its recently launched ‘Energy Saving Products’ brochure gives details of three systems designed to reduce electricity bills:

  • Voltis Home is aimed at the domestic market and is the most efficient domestic voltage optimisation system available, returning power savings of up to 18%. The single-phase system is quick to fit (a qualified electrician will take less than an hour to complete the task) and is installed between the incoming mains and consumer unit. Voltis Home measures 300mm x 240mm x 147mm and is available in two versions – the standard VH60 unit for incoming voltage of up to 243Volts and the VH60HD version for incoming voltage of up to 253Volts. It can be installed in any building with a single-phase power supply and continual load of under 40Amps (Voltis Home will take loads of 60Amps for short periods and is rated to 100Amps in bypass mode). 
  • Sinergy e-Tracker is a portable kWH sub-metering system that analyses power supply to show patterns of demand over an hour, day, week or month. Installation is quick and non-invasive using clip-on CTs. It is perfect for energy waste analysis and for machine trials and maintenance to identify changes in power usage. Data is managed by downloading via a USB memory stick into our Deltrax5 software or through Excel. 
  • Sinergy k-Wattch is the little brother of e-Tracker and offers a robust and highly portable mains or battery-operated energy analyser that can measure single and three phase devices, giving instant readings or recording and storing data for download to a USB memory stick. K–Wattch can be used as a multi-parameter electrical meter to display all line currents and kVA demands or connected to a single phase socket for measurement of voltage, current, power factor, kW and kVA. Data is analysed using Deltrax software. Its non-invasive 32mm CTs simply clip round cables. K–Wattch is particularly relevant for users with no permanent solution for energy monitoring in place and who require a flexible, portable system that can go virtually anywhere and give instant readings. 

Marshall-Tufflex Energy Savings Products’ is available from electrical wholesalers or at:

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