New Best Practice Pocketbook

Contains updated specifications and designs

A copy of the latest best practice building guide pocketbook is available without charge to industry disciplines.

Released this month and called The Latest Book of Wise Decisions, the A5 full colour publication is the most recent in the series that continues to be the pocketbook information source used by architects, surveyors, builders and contractors.

The BWD series (Book of Wise Decisions) provides instant reference to best practice construction details. Included in the latest edition are new and updated solutions for aspects affecting the construction of the building envelope. Contents include designs addressing damp prevention, ventilation, acoustic and fire control measures, construction on contaminated land, breathing and water evacuation from structures, etc.

The latest pocketbook is available from Cavity Trays Ltd, the longest established specialist in its field and the only cavity tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval.

The name for the pocketbook series – Wise Decisions - was chosen many years ago and a spokesman for the Company explained that Cavity Trays offers a product performance undertaking with its products, and Wise Decision was selected to reflect the benefit expressed by numerous specifiers, builders and clients The Latest Book of Wise Decisions containing updated specifications plus new designs is available upon request from Cavity Trays of Yeovil.

Don’t lose out – over 95% of industry disciplines surveyed, responded with a request to receive the latest publication.

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