New AMF TOPIQ range offers an innovative solution for all interiors

Following extensive research, the team at Knauf AMF have come up with a new range of high performance acoustic ceiling solutions which enable architects to achieve their vision.

AMF TOPIQ is an innovative range of ceiling tiles and rafts which strengthen Knauf AMF’s position as a leading complete systems provider for acoustic ceiling and wall solutions. AMF TOPIQ provide superior sound absorption, the highest rating for fire safety – A1 reaction to fire and 100% RH moisture resistance. The tiles offer aesthetic appeal too, with a clean, streamlined and elegant appearance. AMF TOPIQ is available in four different styles offering a perfect solution for any interior.

TOPIQ Prime ceiling tiles have a maximum sound absorption coefficient (aw) of 9.5, making them particularly effective at absorbing sound in the speech-related frequency range of between 250 and 4000 Hz. TOPIQ Prime is the ideal choice for areas where sound intelligibility is important.

TOPIQ Efficient Pro makes rooms even quieter. The tiles achieve the highest sound absorption coefficient of 1.0. TOPIQ Efficient Pro ceilings also offer excellent sound insulation, helping prevent sound spreading into adjoining rooms. This is perfect for meeting rooms, offices and other areas where private conversations take place. The tiles are available in different coating options.

TOPIQ Efficient Pro Hygena ceiling tiles are specially developed for areas with stringent moisture resistance requirements and strict hygiene standards. The ceiling surface has an anti-microbial coating which is resistant to the growth of bacteria and mould. TOPIQ Efficient Pro Hygena is ideal for healthcare and kitchen environments.

All AMF TOPIQ ceiling tiles are available in 600x600mm, 600x1200mm and 625x1250mm sizes. The tiles are easy to install using AMF Ventatec and DONN grid systems.

TOPIQ Sonic Element are frameless and seamless ceiling rafts creating a monolithic finish. They are available in a choice of shapes and colours – each raft is fully colour coated on all sides. The edges are reinforced using AMF TOPIQ Strong Edge Technology to make them resilient.

The rafts are quick and easy to install. The fixing wires are attached to anchor points on the rafts and look as if they’re hidden, giving the impression that the ceiling rafts are floating. Like all products in the TOPIQ range, the rafts offer outstanding sound absorption. TOPIQ Sonic Element rafts are perfect for thermal mass buildings, or where a traditional suspended ceiling is not viable.

Information about AMF TOPIQ is available to download on a new app, AMF InfoCentre, which is designed to make specifying even easier. AMF InfoCentre is free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and is compatible with all smart phones and tables. To make an appointment with an area manager, who would be happy to provide advice to ensure your project has a healthy acoustic environment and meets any regulations email to request samples. 

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