New Alumasc CPD: ‘Internal Drainage – A Complete Solution’

Alumasc, through years of experience and expertise gained from supplying Harmer drainage systems to the UK market, recognises the importance of specifying drainage systems correctly. The company has launched a new CPD seminar: ‘Internal Drainage – A Complete Solution’, which fully addresses design considerations and product selection criteria for this key area.

The one-hour ‘Internal Drainage – A Complete Solution’ seminar is approved by both RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and the Construction CPD Certification Service. Aimed specifically at architects, designers, specifiers and contractors alike, the CPD is presented by Alumasc at a venue of the delegates’ choice.

The CPD looks at key design considerations relating to gravity internal rainwater drainage and soil and vent drainage, in line with BS EN 12056 requirements. The gravity internal rainwater drainage covers issues such as rainfall intensity and risk to building; selecting the correct unitary outlets and analysing internal system pressures.

In terms of soil and vent drainage, the CPD focuses on designing and installing the right access points to maintain any blockages, how vents are used to relieve pressures in the system and gives advice on keeping noise transfer from the drainage system to a minimum. The importance of maintenance in both systems to ensure maximum life expectancy is also highlighted.

The seminar is part of a series of Alumasc CPD presentations covering flat roofs, metal roofing systems, architectural rainwater systems, structural waterproofing, green/garden roofs and external wall insulation systems and finishes.

For further information on CPD seminars, including full booking details, please contact Alumasc’s Marketing Department on +44 (0)1744 648400. Alternatively, email: or visit the website at

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