New Aluglaze Eco From Panel Systems

Panel Systems is making it even easier for specifiers, builders and contractors to select environmentally-friendly window infill panels, with the release of Aluglaze eco.

This exciting new addition to the company’s range of architectural panels comprises a tough, double skinned polyester-coated aluminium bonded to a core of Styrofoam® LBA insulation.

A premium quality product, Aluglaze eco is predominantly specified where aesthetics and sustainability are required.

Danny Phelan, Sales Manager for Panel Systems, explains: “Aluglaze is widely used for many projects and we expect this latest addition to the range will enhance its popularity even further.  Specifying Aluglaze eco infill panels can help building designers to achieve the highest performance and sustainability requirements on BREEAM projects.”

The excellent insulating properties of Aluglaze eco are provided by its Styrofoam® LBA core, which makes it ideal for projects which require high standards of environmental performance. This is because the material uses Carbon Dioxide as the blowing agent, which has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero and Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five, therefore meeting the requirements of BREEAM

Concern about ozone depletion in the stratosphere has led to international agreements to phase out the use of such depleting chemicals, making Styrofoam® LBA a popular choice.

The new Aluglaze eco panels can achieve very low U-values, down to 0.15 w/m2K with an increased thickness of Styrofoam LBA over the standard 28mm panel, which achieves a minimum U-value of 1.12w/m2K. 

Aluglaze eco is available in the full range of Interpon D and Syntha Pulvin powder coating colours, for use in architectural applications, where aesthetics and long term low maintenance are all important
Styrofoam® LBA makes an excellent insulation material, due to its high compressive strength, with a closed cell structure to the foam which gives it greater rigidity and makes it resistant to loadings. It also has a natural resistance to water vapour and is therefore unaffected by any moisture present.

With over 35 years’ experience in the cutting and fabrication of composite panels, Panel Systems can cut the Styrofoam core to thicknesses of +/- 0.25mm with its sophisticated hot-wire cutting technology.    This ensures a high level of flatness of the infill panel and that the edge thickness fits accurately into the specified glazing system.

All Aluglaze eco panels are supplied cut to size to the contractors’/specifiers’ own dimensions.  Customer sizes are optimised using the latest ‘Magicut’ software to minimise the amount of material wasted.  All panels are vacuum-pressed with a two part polyurethane adhesive.

Panel Systems is a holder of Bureau Veritas certification and manufactures all products to standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Aluglaze from Panel Systems has been supplied for a wide variety of high profile commercial, educational and healthcare environments over the past few years.

Panel Systems manufactures a full range of bespoke composite panels that are used to create aesthetically striking and thermally efficient buildings. 

For technical assistance or advice on incorporating Aluglaze eco into a project, contact Panel Systems’ technical team on 0114 249 5635.

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