New advances from Crown Trade Timonox will be unveiled at CIH Housing 2015

At the CIH Housing 2015 exhibition and conference in Manchester Central 23-25th June, visitors can find out how new advances in the Crown Trade Timonox flame retardant system will deliver significant cost savings to clients.

For more than 40 years, Crown Trade’s Timonox flame retardant system has played a key role in fire safety within the social housing sector – slowing down the spread of flames and ‘buying’ precious time for buildings to be evacuated.

The system can help social housing providers bring premises up to the required safety standards, of relevant legislation including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRFSO) in England and Wales and The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

The legislation places emphasis on risk assessment and imposes particular responsibilities upon those who manage or own HMOs and those who care for people with special needs. Many social housing providers fall into one or both categories.

Further information on the legislation is available at and

As part of the fire safety process, it needs to be considered that, in the event of fire, a build-up of conventional decorative paint finishes to wall and ceiling surfaces can potentially be hazardous in terms of contributing to flame spread.

However this situation can be easily rectified and fire safety in all types of buildings improved by using a Crown Trade Timonox flame retardant coating system to decorate and protect interior walls and ceilings.

Of significance for most housing providers is the fact that the Crown Trade system can be applied over multiple layers of conventional paint - thereby upgrading the fire safety of existing housing stock.

Within the PFH Live area of CIH Housing 2015, representatives from Crown Paints will be explaining - at stand number p56 - how they’ve utilised the latest research and development to improve the Crown Trade Timonox upgrade system, which is used in properties with more 10 coats of old paint, to achieve the Class 0 status required by law.

Only one coat of Crown Trade Timonox Upgrade Basecoat, followed by two coats of Crown Trade Timonox Emulsion topcoat, are all it takes to offer protection against the rapid spread of flames and improve a Class 4 surface to a Class 0.

Currently four coats are required to achieve the Class 0 status, which is required by law in communal areas and access routes in social housing.   

David Spicer, Crown Paints’ Specification Technical Manager, said: “All surfaces painted with conventional paints have the potential to cause fire to spread very quickly throughout a building.

“Even previously non-combustible surfaces, such as plasterboard covered in layers of old paint, can become a mass of flames in seconds.

“This is a particular problem in common access and circulation areas.

“However, providing the existing coatings are sound, Crown Trade Timonox can restore a surface to the Class 0 rating required by the legislation and can help by slowing down and limiting the spread of flames throughout a building, giving invaluable time for occupants to get to a place of safety.

“For properties with more than 10 coats of conventional, old paint we have had an upgrade system in our range for some time which enables the surface to be transformed into a Class 0 surface without the necessity of costly strip and redecoration.

“Up to now, to achieve Class 0 status, this has involved a four coat application process.

“As a result of the reformulation, the system will be reduced to three coats, which offers social housing clients considerable savings in labour charges.”

David added: “Crown Trade Timonox products apply like normal paint products, using either brush or roller, and the topcoats are available in a wide-range of colours, meaning that there is no compromise on design in order to achieve additional protection.

“Furthermore, there is even a Scrubbable Matt option, which allows repetitive cleaning for high traffic areas.”

As well as the Crown Trade Timonox upgrade system for properties with more than 10 coats of old paint, Crown Trade offers a two coat overcoat system for surfaces with up to 10 coats of old paint.

Crown Paints’ Specification Team offers a service to social housing clients, which involves a survey of surfaces to establish their classification status and advise on which Timonox system is required to achieve Class 0 in their properties.  

More details can be found on the dedicated area of the Crown Paints Specification website or by contacting the Crown Paints’ Specification Team on 0330 0240310 email

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