New addition meets growing needs

Catnic has introduced a choice of new thin joint lintels for those using this construction method. The CTJ90 builds on the company’s 50-year’s experience in the manufacture of steel lintels and the new addition is designed specifically for use with Wienerberger’s Porotherm block system.  Catnic will also continue to offer its range of standard box and angle lintels, which can be used with all other thin joint systems.   

Thin joint construction is a form of masonry wall construction, which replaces conventional 10mm cement mortar with a 1-3mm joint using a special adhesive mortar.  This efficient form of construction boasts a number of benefits.  It reduces build time, since the thin joint mortar is set within minutes, which in turn, provides quick weatherproofing.   In addition, thin joint can be used on external cavity walls and internal partition walls, as well as party wall construction making it extremely flexible. 

The CTJ90 thin joint lintel has been designed to suit the requirements of 102mm outer leaf with 90mm to 105mm cavity.  The inner leaf support is achieved with a standard Catnic box lintel.  In addition, propping during construction is eliminated thanks to a unique plastic fixings connection.  Furthermore, the CTJ90 removes the requirement for an additional cavity closer since the lintel closes the cavity.

CTJ90 is available in increments of 150mm at lengths up to 3000mm and of increments 300mm at lengths from 3000mm – 3600mm.  The product is manufactured from high quality hot dipped galvanised sheet steel coil to BS EN10346:2009 and is finished with a black polyester powder coating 

Catnic’s thin joint box and angle lintel range are standard products, which are suitable for all possible cavity widths.  In addition, the box and angle lintels provide reduced thermal bridging at window head.  They are available in increments of 150mm at lengths up to 3000mm and increments of 300mm at lengths from 3000mm  - 3900mm.

A new brochure, which includes details on both systems is available for download from the Catnic website.  For more information on Catnic’s thin joint lintel range, please visit

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