New ACO Rain-Ceptor™ offers a more cost-effective domestic rainwater harvesting solution

The design advances across ACO Water Management’s new rainwater harvesting systems, ACO Rain-Ceptor™, make them the most durable and cost effective solution for residential and new build developments and refurbishments.  Designed for either Direct Feed or Irrigation use, all ACO Rain-Ceptors have a robust, small footprint polyethylene chamber that is supplied with all necessary components– features that make the tanks easy to transport and handle, cost-effective to install with minimal excavation, and straightforward to commission and maintain.

The four ACO Rain-Ceptor™ sizes provide between 1380 and 4120 litre storage capacity and fully comply with BS 8515:2009 Rainwater harvesting systems - Code of practice.  They also meet the requirements of the revised Building Regulations Part G, and will assist developers and contractors satisfy both the water saving and the daily consumption targets defined within the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Direct Feed ACO Rain-Ceptors feature a pumped feed for connection to domestic appliances where non-potable water can be used – for instance toilets and washing machines.  All tank assemblies come complete with a mains top-up connection to guarantee ‘on-demand’ supply and can be equipped to overflow to either a suitable soakaway such as ACO SoakAway™ or to a main sewer via an anti-surcharge valve.

The Irrigation ACO Rain Ceptor™ is configured for external applications such as car washing, cleaning and garden watering.  Mains top-up connection is available as an option and the overflow is designed to flow to a soakaway unit.

All tanks are fitted with an integral leaf filter that uses ‘first flush’ principles and prevent leaves and debris entering the chamber.  Low water level alarms are fitted as standard to all tanks with mains top-up and every ACO Rain-Ceptor™ without mains top-up is equipped with a ‘run-dry’ pump protection cut-off.

“Conventional rainwater harvesting systems manufactured from GRP are vulnerable to damage during transportation and installation.  The new ACO Rain-Ceptor™ design makes the tanks far more robust, easier to handle on site and quicker to install,” says Simon Shepherd, Product Manager at ACO Water Management.  “The rigorous quality assurance and certification that accompanies the ACO Rain-Ceptor™ also enables developers and designers using rainwater harvesting to prove the environmental credentials of their projects and buildings to planners and clients through the BREEAM assessment standard.”

A new brochure that fully explains the applications and benefits of the new ACO Rain-Ceptor™ range, together with help on tank sizing, is now available directly from ACO Water Management or via the ACO website,  ACO’s Water Management Design Services team can also provide full technical support for any surface water management project – from realising initial design concepts through to direct liaison with site teams during installation. 

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