New 120 Page Plane Projector Brochure From Sill

Following its well-received bridge and stations brochures, Sill Lighting this month publishes another brochure, this time on its range of Plane Projectors.

Plane Projectors are a hallmark of Sill luminaire development. From the pioneering of absolutely flat glass, zero light pollution projectors 25 years ago, Sill has gone on to achieve certification by the Dark Sky Society and create a range of asymmetric, batwing and uplight projectors which provide efficient light distribution yet no glare.

The 120 page colour brochure covers the full range of Sill Plane Projectors, including the compact Mini Cityliters and Cityliters, the 400 series and the 2000 series Plane Projectors.

All luminaires feature Sill’s world-class optics and precision engineering for energy efficiency and optimum light distribution.  There are lamp options available from 20W to 2kW.

The new brochure contains detailed luminaire specifications and light distribution diagrams and is interlaced with big project images from applications around the world underlining Sill’s 25 year pedigree in providing some of the best lighting technology available.

The strength and depth of the luminaire range is further highlighted by the bespoke fittings and the accessories now available for tailoring to specific projects.  For example twin lamp fittings can be offered enabling switching of light levels or colour temperature, or for emergency lighting.  Various accessory packs such as a ‘swim pack’ for swimming pools are available, a twilight switch for reduced energy consumption, dimming, louvres, ellipsoidal lenses, lamp shutters, special mounting brackets and anti-reflection glass. All of this illustrates the deep development undertaken by Sill on its luminaire ranges, and its commitment to the environment through energy efficiency and eliminating light pollution.

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