NEMEX to launch new Buyers' Guide to Voltage Optimisation

Energy saving experts Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management are launching an industry-first Buyers' Guide to Voltage Optimisation at NEMEX later this month.

The Guide, an unbiased reference point aimed at anyone considering investing in voltage optimisation, has been produced to equip specifiers and end users with information, questions and prompts to ensure they make the right decisions during the specification process. It discusses how voltage optimisation technology works, differences between competitor systems, savings realistically achievable, assessing if your site is suitable, maintenance requirements etc. It concludes with a checklist of questions to put to prospective suppliers/manufacturers.

The Buyers' Guide to Voltage Optimisation has been produced by leading VO system manufacturer Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management in order to assist those considering the technology, as Business Manager Jeremy Dodge explained: “Our sole aim with this guide is to provide an impartial reference point for anyone considering voltage optimisation. It advises on the questions to ask and the issues to raise when selecting a system and explains the different technological approaches to VO, site evaluation, cost savings and full service or supply only solutions. We hope it will prove an invaluable information source for those interested in voltage optimisation, giving them succinct and jargon-free facts to assist in the specification process.”

Voltage optimisation is an increasingly popular and proven way of significantly reducing electricity bills at commercial and industrial operations. Savings of up to 25% are possible but, as the Guide explains, installations usually achieve between 8% and 16% depending upon the type of optimiser installed and the site demographics.

“The VO market has grown significantly in the last few years and now offers a number of different approaches and pros/cons which we felt needed explaining in an unbiased manner to ensure that customers get exactly what they want,” added Mr Dodge. “Not all VO systems are the same and maintaining the integrity of power supply to site is vitally important. Users need a solution that not only provides a good level of saving but also improves the quality and reliability of the supply. Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management prides itself on being honest and open with our customers and this is just an extension of that integrity.”

Marshall-Tufflex Energy Management has developed Voltis, a new breed of optimiser with logic-controlled-in ‘intelligence’ to deliver higher energy savings and an in-built bypass function that prevents power being cut to site by the VO system, something that can happen with some systems.

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