A method of controlling natural air movement to ventilate buildings has been officially recognized as energy saving and therefore eligible for the Government's Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA).

The Enhanced Digital Control range developed by Passivent, one of the UK's leading suppliers of natural ventilation solutions, is now approved equipment in the scheme, which is managed by the Carbon Trust. Under the ECA, the full cost of an investment in designated energy saving plant and equipment can be written off against taxable profits in the first year in which the investment is made. The normal rate of capital allowances for expenditure on plant and machinery is 25% a year on a reducing basis.

ECA accredited goods offer the the following benefits:

* equipment meets energy-saving criteria resulting in significant long-term financial benefits.
* 100% first-year capital allowance can be claimed .
* their eligibility means they yield a cash-flow boost and shortened payback period .
* they potentially reduce running costs.
* Improved environmental performance for the business with reduced environmental impact.
* Tax relief can be claimed on costs directly associated with the ECA product, including installation.
Passivent's Enhanced Digital Controller for zonal applications is fully programmable to meet the demands of different applications, with separate control of several zones, and a night cooling strategy. In addition to internal and external temperatures, sensors can monitor carbon dioxide, air quality and humidity.

Wayne Aston, Passivent Commercial Technical Manager, explains, "Building Regulations are increasingly focussing on lowering energy use as well as prevention of overheating within buildings. Low energy natural ventilation is itself increasingly being used to help achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings, but for that to work effectively, it has to be properly controlled, to balance air movement, air quality, daytime heat build-up and night cooling. That control needs to be finitely adjustable for each room and still allow occupants to take control of their environment. Our range of controls has been specifically developed to provide this, hence its eligibility for the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme".

Passivent's comprehensive service for control systems includes selection advice, wiring diagrams, installation, commissioning, post installation inspection at six months and on-site demonstration and training, all carried out in accordance with CIBSE Guide C.

Passivent is the UK's leading designer and supplier of natural ventilation systems for both domestic and commercial applications. The company is a founder member of the NatVent EC-EU funded project co-ordinated by the Building Research Establishment to develop practical natural ventilation solutions for the commercial sector. It has also contributed to the BISRIA guide BG2/2005 Wind Driven Natural Ventilation Systems, as well as being members of the DfES steering committee on ventilation guidance for schools, Building Bulletin 101.

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