National Trust Goes for Biomass

Property Managers at the National Trust have specified Windhager UK to provide a 93% efficient log boiler to a major project in the Shropshire Hills after an energy audit carried out by Marches Energy Agency concluded that vast cost savings could be achieved by switching to the log fired boiler system. 

The 50kw Windhager LogWIN boiler installed by Intelligent Energy Systems Ltd, replaces two oil boilers that were previously costing the National Trust up to £5,000 per year in running costs to heat a poorly insulated tea room, chalet pavilion and educational facilities on site at Cardingmill Valley.

Although in good working order, the old oil boilers were only approximately 60% efficient and tighter regulations on oil and fuel storage meant that it was going to cost several thousand pounds to upgrade and maintain the existing oil storage tanks. Organisations like the National Trust are becoming more aware of the hidden costs of fossil fuels and are switching from oil boilers to high quality biomass boilers as an economic method of supplying heating and hot water in an environmentally sustainable way.

By making use of the plentiful supply of logs on the property, primarily at Wenlock Edge, the Trust has been able to significantly reduce costs and lower its carbon footprint by over 10 tons per year as a result of heating the property with a LogWIN, which has been situated in a tractor shed adjacent to the property office, chalet and tea room.  The installation also gives the Trust security from the volatile costs of the energy market by using energy from its own resources.

Commenting on the project, Peter Carty, Project Manager at the National Trust at Cardingmill Valley said, “We are absolutely delighted with the results and cost savings through installing the new log fired boiler. After a year using the new system we have used more logs than initially planned, however this has been down to the poor insulation in the building. To date the LogWIN has saved nearly £4,500 in operational costs and approximately 77% of the overall cost of the installation of the system has been funded by external grants.”

The installation has also provided the National Trust with an opportunity to educate the quarter of a million visitors to the site each year on the importance of reducing carbon emissions. Plans to provide further information on how the LogWIN system operates are already in place through public and school visits to the boiler
LogWIN appliances are the clean, efficient and effective solution that provide an economic method of supplying heating and hot water in an environmentally sustainable way. Part of the new generation in wood gasification boilers, the LogWIN is leading its class in performance and output ranges. Maximum performance and cleaner burning is ensured by the new down firing technique.

With the largest filling chamber in its class of up to 226 litres to ensure longer burning times, the LogWIN is more convenient and offers long maintenance intervals and simple fuel replenishment without relighting as a result of the large capacity of the filling chamber hearth block. LogWIN has a corrosion-resistant stainless steel combustion chamber and is provided with a 10 year warranty.

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