National Renewable Energy Action Plans:

“Positive outlooks but more is needed on support schemes “

The REPAP2020 consortium – composed of EREC, Eufores, national RES associations, Fraunhofer ISI, the Technical University of Vienna and Becker Büttner Held – launches today three reports analysing in detail the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAPs) presented by the 27 EU Member States to the European Commission under the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Directive.

“The NREAPs expect the share of RES to reach 20.7% of final energy consumption by 2020 but the RES industry – based on the NREAPs’ energy demand scenarios – shows that 24.4% renewable energy in final energy demand can be achieved” said President of EREC Arthouros Zervos. The NREAPs expect the share of RES to meet 34.3% of electricity demand, 21.3% of heating and cooling and 11.3% of transport consumption, while the RES industry – based on the NREAPs’ energy demand scenarios – suggests that 42.3% of electricity consumption, 23.5% of heating and cooling and 12.2% of transport consumption is attainable.

“The reports show that some NREAPs present very positive initiatives with new measures in the electricity or the heating and cooling sectors. However, they also underline that some NREAPs are not ambitious enough to meet the targets. One cannot emphasise enough the importance of introducing stable and reliable national support schemes to provide investment security over the next 10 years to the RES industry,” comments Arthouros Zervos.

“The acceleration of administrative procedures and infrastructure developments should receive substantially more attention in the NREAPs as well as the strengthening of support schemes particularly in the renewable heating sector,” states Mario Ragwitz, Head of Business Unit, Renewable Energies at the Fraunhofer ISI, from the study conducted on the NREAPs. “We support the European Commission in its endeavor to swiftly call on Member States to fulfill their obligations” concludes Doerte Fouquet from Becker Büttner Held.

For more details, please read the reports on the website:

EU Roadmap: Mapping Renewable Energy Pathways towards 2020 by EREC

Assessment of National Renewable Energy Action Plans by Fraunhofer ISI & Technical University of Vienna / EEG

Policy Recommendations on the NREAPs by Becker Büttner Held

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