N&C Nicobond Supports ISO

N&C Nicobond have joined forces with The Tile Association (the voice of the UK tile industry), as well as other industry leading organisations to pledge support for the maintaining of technical standards and facilitating transparency within the tile industry through sponsoring the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Committee Plenary Meeting to be hosted here in the UK. 

As manufacturers, N&C Nicobond fully value what ISO represents to the tile industry. David Forbes, Chief Executive Officer said:

“Since inventing ready mix tile adhesive in 1958, N&C Nicobond has been at the forefront of developing tiling solutions which have enabled tiling applications in situations previously not thought possible. N&C recognise that the consumer and tile fixer need to be protected from those companies that do not promote best practice or quality. The ISO Standards Organisation is the best way the tile industry can protect itself from less scrupulous companies by creating measurable qualities all companies should expect to achieve.”

Initially the meeting was due to take place in Japan, but after the disastrous tsunami struck the nation, Japan was forced to withdraw their support to host the meeting. The UK Tile Association stepped in with the support N&C Nicobond and other industry members to ensure the vital meeting to discuss new and maintaining existing standards affecting the international tile industry went ahead.

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