Mykon – 12 Years in the Making and Going Global

Mykon is a Cambridgeshire based company who specialise in innovative and design led solutions for the interior design and architectural industries. Mykon specialise in the manufacture and design of a wide portfolio of surface solutions from partitioning, panels, screens, doors, ceiling tiles, flooring and bespoke furniture.

Mykon, formerly named Cellbond Architectural was established in 1998 when the idea to use honeycomb technology to create unique, striking and diverse bespoke products specifically for the design and architectural market was born. As the company flourished, they were rebranded in 2005 as Mykon.

Mykon have a vast amount of experience working on bespoke projects, and have big ambitions for 2010 looking to recruit specialist distributors to sell Mykon products into the global market place.

Mykon have extensive design and test facilities and use the latest software for design and analysis. The innovative team at Mykon are always happy to discuss any design ideas or variation of our materials that clients may have.

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