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Barsinghausen / Tuebingen, January 2011. The subject of sustainability has become de rigeur in the building industry. Rightly so, materials, projects, processes and companies are today being looked at more and more often under the viewpoint of their sustainability. Consequently, the BAU 2011 in Munich with its motto “Die Zukunft des Bauens” (The Future of Building) is not taking a new approach, instead it is deepening what had begun as a trend over the last years. In addition to the subject areas of “Sustainability” and “Building for Life” the exhibitors will also present themselves in the context of “Research + Innovation”.

The SCHOLLGLAS Group has established itself for decades in the sector of energy efficient glass products with its thermal insulation glass. With GEWE-sol® PV and GEWE-composite® the company enriches the façade and constructive glass building with two innovative high-performance products. When we are dealing with the energetic optimisation of buildings, both photovoltaic elements and light glass technology offer great potentials.

The Trade Fair highlight from SCHOLLGLAS, the laminated material GEWE-composite®, combines the properties of glass with those of transparent polymers – in particular its high fracture strength and residual load capacity with simultaneous weight saving of around 30 percent. In future one will be able to build more efficiently with less material. This leads to constructions with larger spans and higher safety with simultaneous reduced energy consumption. The novel laminated safety glass opens numerous design options due to its remarkable properties, such as for example cold bent panes or the integration of connecting elements in the laminated glass.

The manufacture of GEWE-composite® is a double saving of resources: In addition to saving materials through the thinner dimensioning of the glass, there are no high-temperature processes involved and the expensive bending mould construction is not needed. 

SCHOLLGLAS has received a general technical approval (AbZ) from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (a German center of competence in civil engineering) for its composite material.

In view of the worldwide shortage of resources, solar energy is gaining more and more significance. GEWE-sol® PV actively contributes towards optimising the total energy balance of a building. The PV-façade laminates convince not only through their energy efficiency but also fulfil the highest technical and aesthetic requirements. With the façade-integrated photovoltaic elements planning offices and architects have a high-tech insulating glass available which can be integrated harmoniously in objects with challenging designs. The PV elements, which are manufactured as glass/glass or glass/foil composite, integrate convincingly in the most diverse constructions. They are suitable for back-ventilated cold façades, for warm façades with insulating glass units as well as for overhead glazing in outdoor areas. Many design versions are also available to choose from.

The course will be set for a competitive German building industry at the worldwide leading building trade fair in the spring of 2011 in Munich. The exhibition companies will show solutions and approaches which will contribute towards retaining a worthwhile environment for future generations. SCHOLLGLAS provides suitable products to support this sustainable development.

Visit us at the BAU in Hall C2, booth 530

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